Smoking cessation program

Patient doing a smokerlyzer test

Quitting smoking isn’t easy but following manageable steps can help reduce the number of cigarette intake while managing craving as well. To make this possible Hope Clinic Fiji, through partnership with the World Health Organization, have developed a Smoking Cessation Program to help individuals who would like to quit smoking.

Hope Clinic carried out a training that involved health professionals from Lami to Wainibokasi corridor on steps to take when consulting a smoker. After discovering that a patient would like to quit, he/she is referred to Hope Clinic in which they are counselled and provided nicotine patches, gums, lozenges or nicotine spray as an alternative or as a nicotine replacement therapy.

The Smoking Cessation Program runs for 3 months for an individual and within this they are seen 5 times, within these sessions they are counselled and issued medication to last until their next appointment. To-date Hope clinic has seen about 42 patients with a total of 72% Indo Fiji patients willing to quit. The clinic hopes to assist more patients to combat the disease of smoking.