How is Lifestyle Medicine applicable in Fiji?

Fiji has one of the highest rates of Type 2 diabetes in the world. In fact, according to the International Institute for Health Matrix and evaluation, the top 8 deaths in Fiji are related to chronic diseases like Cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes. When you look at the medical handbooks given to doctors when they graduate from medical school, you will find the words Lifestyle mentioned multiple books. Lifestyle advice is promoted in each book and in fact should be the first line of treatment in every chronic disease. This issue is however, that doctors hardly received any formal training on Lifestyle as Medicine. Doctors were never taught that through proper nutrition, exercise, drinking water, exposure to sunlight, using moderation in everything, abstinence from harmful substances, fresh air, rest and having good social interactions can lead to the prevention, arrest and even reversal of certain chronic diseases.

We need to revert to the many healthy aspects of the ways in which our ancestors lived their lives. Lifestyle Medicine is the key to living your best life.